I am the Senior Digital Forensic Examiner for University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a CISSP, CCE, EnCE, GCHI, CFE, and CHFI.

After more than a decade doing system administration, digital forensics, and litigation and trial support in a law firm, I moved to UoP to concentrate on digital forensics and electronic discovery. I handle cases ranging from Student Financial Aid fraud to employee misconduct (including privileged access abuse) to academic dishonesty to litigation discovery. I enjoy it because every day is a new adventure and I am never sure what challenges will be waiting for me when I arrive.

There are a lot of blogs covering the newest trends in malware analysis and incident response, and I am definitely a follower of those. With this blog, I will be covering topics that are beneficial to me in the day-to-day investigations that don’t typically involve external actors trying to exfiltrate data.

Feel free to drop me a line by de-SPAMing the following address: bskumlien /a t/ gmail . com.


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