Welcome to yet another digital forensics blog!

I know there are lots of options for blogs containing information on digital forensics, and I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you never even find this blog. I’m actually doing this for purely selfish reasons.

Every day in this field, we learn something new. Usually by necessity. A case comes along that is similar, but not quite identical to a case you worked on months before. You remember that you found a way to make sense of something and are wracking your brain to recall just what it was.

Maybe your Google-Fu led you to an article that inspired you, or maybe you just woke up in the middle of the night and figured out the problem you were fretting about for days before.

This is my site to store those kind of breakthroughs when I have them. Maybe your Google-Fu will lead you here when you face something similar. Maybe you came here to learn what NOT to do. Either way, it matters not to me.

Oh yeah, and the title of the blog? Pretty self explanatory as the mercury tops 112 degrees outside.

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